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Play Spider Solitaire for Free

Welcome to PlaySpiderSolitaire.co – the best place to play spider solitaire online for free with no download required. The game is large enough for full screen play on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Let’s learn about the different game modes and how to play first.

Spider Solitaire Game Modes

Spider Solitaire 1 Suit

Playing with one suit is the default mode, and it’s the easiest. To help you understand what we mean, let’s describe how the game works.

You’ll have ten stacks of cards across the top with the first card facing up on each stack. Your goal is to create columns of all cards in the suit, starting with Kings on top and going all the way down to aces on the bottom.

To achieve this, you can move the bottom card from each column to the bottom of another column. As you build ordered columns, you can move the entire column around to attach to a higher value card that may be missing, like a King or Queen.

If you run out of ways to move cards around, there’s a stack on the bottom right side of the screen. Clicking it will add one random card to the bottom of each column.

When you play with only a single suit, it means you only have to make columns using cards from that one suit. This is the game mode we suggest for beginners, because it’s simplest. You’ll see why when we explain the other game modes.

Spider Solitaire 2 Suits

With two suits, Spider Solitaire becomes a bit more complex. You can’t just make columns with cards from any suit – each column can only be made with cards from a single suit.

In other words, you need to make separate columns of cards going down from King to Ace, and all cards within the columns must be the same suit, as well.

This is slightly harder than playing one suit. We recommend playing this game mode once you’ve become a little more familiar with how to play.

Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

Four suits is the hardest way to play Spider Solitaire. In this game mode, all four suits in your standard deck of playing cards are available in the stacks.

As you build columns, you’ll now need to make sure that each one is comprised only of a single suit. This is harder to do, because there’s a lower chance you’ll get a card you need in the correct suit when you flip over new cards on the stacks. Spider Solitaire with four suits is best for seasoned players. Try out this mode when you’re confident in your Solitaire skills.